Top 5 Resources to Improve your Listening Skills

One of the most difficult skills for English language learners is listening. Many students are confident reading and writing English, but have problems when it comes to listening to real English. 

Here are five resources to help you practise and improve your listening skills:

1. British Council - Elementary Podcasts

The British Council website has a series of podcasts to help you to practise your listening skills. Each podcast has a grammar or vocabulary focus and has a quiz to test your understanding. 

Level: Beginner to Pre-Intermediate


2. BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English 

This fabulous website has podcasts which last for 6 minutes and help you to learn useful English for everyday situations. The podcasts include a short interview with someone talking about an interesting topic. You can download the text so you can read at the same time if necessary. A new podcast is available every week. 

Level: Intermediate


3. Cambridge English - Practice Listening Tests

If you are preparing to take an exam you might want to try the free listening practice tests that are available on the Cambridge website. Choose the level that is right for you and see how you would score in the exam.

Level: All levels


4. Breaking News English

Breaking News English offers a wide range of news articles which you can listen to at five different speeds according to your level. You have the option to download the text and other activities to practise vocabulary and test your comprehension. 

Level: Intermediate to Advanced


5. Songs on YouTube 

YouTube is a fantastic resource for practising your listening skills. Search for a song that you like and include 'lyrics' (the words of the song) in your search. First listen to the song and the pronunciation and then have fun singing along and practise pronouncing the words correctly.

Level: All levels